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Game Story: Taken Out Behind the Woodshed By...the Royals?

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Tim Wakefield walks back to the mound after allowing the 567th of 896 doubles in the 7th inning. Source, as always, Yahoo!

These are tough to write. Credit to the Royals offense and defense, who despite errors from Pena, Jr. and Grudzielanek, did their job to the tune of two outfield assists (one from Emil Brown, KC's defensive answer to WMP) and four double plays. Two of their pitchers (Gobble-Soria) did well. The rest, well, if it wasn't luck then I don't know what to call it. We got 17 baserunners including the errors and scored a grand total of 3 runs. This is crap. Unacceptable.

Even more unacceptable? Wakefield's performance. He was seemingly trying to tie Papi for the team lead in doubles in one night.

Offensively? Poor showing. Lugo and Lowell did well, though Lowell getting thrown out at 3rd kind of sucked. Belli did about as well as we could have expected him to do, with a 1 for 4 with RBI night.

We've all known for years that Wake is a hit or miss pitcher, and sometimes can look good and then completely unravel later in the game. He seems more miss than usual this season, apparently trying to prove my theory that he should call it a career after the year has ended. I'd miss him, he puts everything of himself out on the mound everytime he pitches, which was a truly clicherrific statement, I know. Still, it's the truth.

Where am I going with this? Same place as 10 Red Sox baserunners tonight: nowhere.

It's about time Lugo won one and earned it, and too bad it had to come in a loss. 3 for 4 with 2 2B certainly counts as showing signs of life.

Wake. Non Lugo-Lowell-Belli members of the lineup.