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Linkalicious: Humor? Edition.

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  • First off, via Joy of Sox, Gammons has a great tidbit about "Being":
    This is really true: When Manny Ramirez gets custom-made clothing at a chic Boston store, when the tailor embroiders Ramirez's monogram, instead of his actual initials, Manny has "MBM" sewn into his shirts and jackets. Yup. Manny Being Manny.
  • FJM is the best in the business. Which business? Don't ask me. Also, I'm kind of hoping A-Rod opts out and the whole thing drags on so that more gems like these will be available.
  • Beth and others try to suss out Beckett's f-bombs, among other utterances. Chances another one of his makes it on air?
  • Video of aforementioned F-bomb still available at Surviving Grady. The censors have made it SFW.
  • The Jon Lester for Mark Teixeira rumor is floated, nay, supported by none other than Chad Finn. This one isn't so much humor, but a series of questions.
  1. Would this cause us such reluctance were it not for the cancer?
  2. Would it cause reluctance anyway?
  3. Would you like to see this trade completed?
Fear not, for I'll do the cop out thing again and answer after you've already done so.