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Game Story: Kason Gabbard is Good at Pitching.

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"That was great man. Just remember it was against the f--kin Royals."

What did we learn today kids? Two things. Thing the first: The Royals are not a great hitting ballclub. Thing the second: Gabbard was good enough to do very well against teams that DO hit well. A pitching line like this: 9.0 IP, 3 H, BB, 8 Ks will more than get the job done, as well as shattering most prognostications in that silly On The Money game you all play...;-)

Gabbard really stepped it up tonight, and the key was control. He walked only one, though he'd walked 13 in 20 1/3 previous. He's got the talent to be a successful starter, that nice curve has resulted in a number of Ks in his professional career, and if he can keep the walks down, he'll certainly cement his future as something better than a AAAA player.

Offensively, we managed only 8 baserunners (one via a completely inexcusable error) and still scored 4 runs. Why? Home runs! Home runs all around! 3 anyway. DP with a solo shot for what would be the only run needed, Manny with a solo job, and Papi with a 2-run HR. I can't decide whether I'd have been more satisfied with more baserunners and the same number of runs. Eh. Don't care.

Defensively, Gabbard helped himself out a couple times, while Youks and DP combined on a heads-up twin-killing, and DP turned in the no. 1 web gem according to those experts over at ESPN. Despite that dubious endorsement, it was a ridiculously good play, and saved Kason's shutout, and likely his complete game as well. (I doubt he'd have been there in the 9th if the 5th had continued, with both a fresh Oki and Paps in the pen)

DP and Gabbard. Yes. I'm copping out. Deal with it.