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Top 20 Boston Red Sox Prospects List Updated

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Ya' know that cute little Red Sox top prospects list on the left sidebar that hasn't been updated since January? Well, that's all changing right now.

I'm not sure where it originated, but in the comments somewhere the idea of updating the list was tossed around. When I created the list, I figured I would update it somewhere halfway through the season. I'm true to my word.

You'll notice a lot of new names and you'll notice a lot of familiar names have dropped off the list. I took everything into consideration: the past, the present, age, ability, future, etc., etc. Here's the new list:

1. Clay Buchholz, RHP    (AAA)
2. Jacoby Ellsbury, OF   (AAA)
3. Michael Bowden, RHP   (AA)
4. Lars Anderson, 1B     (A) 
5. Justin Masterson, RHP (AA)
6. Aaron Bates, 1B       (A)
7. Jed Lowrie, MIF       (AA)
8. Brandon Moss, OF      (AAA)
9. Daniel Bard, RHP      (A)
10.David Murphy, OF      (AAA)
11.Nick Hagadone, LHP    (A)
12.Mark Wagner, C        (A)
13.David Pauley, RHP     (AAA)
14.Caleb Clay, RHP       (A)
15.Jason Place, OF       (A)
16.Kason Gabbard, LHP    (MLB)
17.Ryan Kalish, OF       (A)
18.Chih-Hsien Chiang, 2B (A)
19.Edgar Martinez, RHP   (AAA)
20.Bubba Bell, OF        (AA)
Some Notes:
  • Buchholz earns the new No. 1 position. Ellsbury hasn't been bad, it's just that Buchholz has been amazing.
  • Bowden is struggling at Portland, but his stock really hasn't dropped in my eyes.
  • Anderson and Bates will be really fun to watch for the remainder of the season. I really like both of these guys.
  • Keep looking for Masterson's name to pop up. He was just promoted to Portland and in his first two starts he's 2-0, has allowed no runs and struck out 16 in 12.2 innings pitched.
  • Bard is struggling this season, but I like his potential. Same goes for Place.
  • Hagadone, who was the Sox's first draft pick this season, debuts Friday.
  • I still really like Pauley and he's doing well in Pawtucket this season. I hope he can get a call up if we need another starter at any point.
  • Yes, Gabbard at 16. This list was written before his complete game shutout, but I'm not sure his rank would have changed that much anyway.
  • Kalish has been the complete package down in Low-A ball already. He gets pushed up compared to January's list.
  • Chiang is an interesting prospect. He could move up the list once 2008 rolls around.
  • I can not frickin' wait until Martinez makes his major league debut!