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Game Story: Umm. Sox Win!

Coco Crisp (not pictured) cares not for you or Troy Glaus joking about his feeble, childlike arm.

Aside from Daisuke giving us a much less than stellar outing, there's really nothing but feel good stories in this game.

MDC came on in relief, and no one but his mother could have imagined it going better. Getting 4 Ks and allowing one baserunner in 26 pitches of work, recording a total of 6 outs? I wonder if the Rotoworld sidebar will continue to suggest a RH setup man to replace Donnelly. Yes, he was working with a big lead, but the non-McDonald/Zaun part of the Toronto offense is pretty damn good ladies and gents. Okajima brought us home with a scoreless 9th.

Btw, we also had it going on the offensive side of the ball. The CoN (The Curse of Nomar) went 3 for 4 and believe it or not, stole a base. David Ortiz remembered how to hit a HR, Hinske and 'Tek joined in on the roundtrip fun as well. And Coco? All he did was reach base in 4 out of 5 trips, 3B, steal 3rd as part of a double steal, score 2 and knock in another. "Being" Jack Sparrow had a bit of a "down" night, with an IBB and a SF in 4 trips. Hilarity ensued as he was replaced "defensively" with WMP.

Speaking of defense? Well, read the caption. It may not have been the right call, but either way, it was a great play from Coco. Also, those questioning The CoN's defensive value would do well to review his play on the McDonald GB deep to the SS hole. He gets to those balls folks, of course, what he does with them from there is anyone's guess. (That's what she said.)

I know the WPA numbers disagree, but I'm going to go with Crisp. This is a performance like was envisioned when he was brought over. He has that kind of energy, assuming you like cliches.

Daisuke, who really wasn't himself from the beginning, and is making me rethink the B score a gave him. Perhaps he's been waiting for the scorecard for his hitting brethren.