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Sox Scoop: Donnelly, Drew walking wounded ... Timlin looks himself

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  • Another day, another potentially very bad injury for the Sox. JD Drew left last night's game before the fourth inning with a tight hamstring. Drew missed four starts in June because of the same tight hamstring.

    This is one thing we wanted to avoid with Drew. If he could stay healthy and mentally intact while in Boston, he'd be a good player. So far he's mentally intact but his body seems to be falling apart slowly. I wouldn't be surprised to see Drew hit the disabled list at some point this month.

  • Let's talk about wounded pitchers now. Brendan Donnelly was supposed to make a rehab start last night for Single-A Lowell but was scratched because of tightness in his forearm.

    It doesn't sound like anything serious, but when he comes back, where's he going to go? The Sox can't possibly send down Manny Delcarmen, can they? If they do, I'll flip a lid. Maybe recent disabled list veteran Joel Pineiro should be sent down or designated for assignment? Sounds like a better option, to me.

  • Don't look now, but Mike Timlin seems to be fighting for his set-up job again. Timlin tossed 2.1 of perfect baseball last night in the 6-5 loss to the Jays. Check out his stats since June 20:
    G    IP    H    BB    SO    ERA    BAA
    10   14.0  8    3     3     1.93   .167
    Those stats include one game -- June 25 vs. Seattle -- where he gave up three runs in one inning. Factor that out, and his stats are near spotless.

    I'm thinking we're going to see more of this GOOD Timlin rather than BAD Timlin for the rest of the season. I'm not sure Timlin will return to 2005-good, but he should certainly be better than some other options (cough ... Pineiro ... cough).