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Game Story - 6.30.07: Sox blow 4-run lead, lose 5-4

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Ellsbury beating out an infield single for his first MLB hit.
Josh Beckett was great -- in the first three innings. Beckett received early run support, but not enough to get a win or a no decision. He gave up 5 runs on 10 hits through just 5 innings.


The bullpen was scoreless for another night. Javier Lopez, Kyle Snyder and Mike Timlin combined for 4 scoreless innings of one hit, one walk baseball.


Kevin Youkilis gets a pat on the back for keeping the offense in-check last night. He went 1-for-2 with a two-run home run, three walks, and two runs. Alex Cora had two hits and a run. Jacoby Ellsbury, in his MLB debut, went 1-for-4. Ellsbury's hit was an infield single that beat Michael Young's throw to first base. He has blazing speed, for sure.


Yay. No errors.

Gotta' give the Mueller to the most electric man in the lineup last night.

WINNER: Everyone who stranded runners on base
I'm almost willing to give the Mendoza to Mr. Beckett, but Beckett surrendered 5 runs but still SHOULD HAVE WON if there were offense behind him. Lowell: 5 LOB, Varitek: 4 LOB, Pedroia: 3 LOB, are the main culprits.