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Game Story: We're Better Than That, Aren't We?

Title is not exactly in reference to today's game. I'll explain later.

Image from Yahoo!

The Starter:

Dr. Curtly was on, ladies and gentleman. He took a "no-somethinger" into 8 2/3 innings, only to allow a "something" at that point. What? There's no way I can retroactively jinx him? Terrific. "Something" stands for "hit"

The 'Pen:

Horrid job guys. Didn't retire ONE batter. The game must still be going on, right?

The Lineup:

7 baserunners, and one of those "baserunners" was Papi's solo HR. Have to get the bats going in Arizona.

The Field:

Error by Lugo. Coco's league-leading 568th web gem of the season. Lowell's recovery of a bad hop grounder to 3B.

The Schill. He's been a stopper for us as long as he's been in Boston, and was much moreso today.

No one. And thus we enter...

Soapbox Time:

  • Red Sox fans: Blame Lugo if you like, but it was, I think the first out of the 9th, where Lugo came out of nowhere to snag a grounder almost directly up the middle. I loved A-Gone as much as anyone, but Lugo's range is far superior (and I think this has been ridiculously clear already this season), and A-Gone may have only gotten close enough to wave at the ball as it skipped its way to a waiting Crisp in CF.
  • Yankee fans: Wow. You know, I'd like to believe that if Mussina, say, had been going for a no-no only up by a run in the 9th, against the Mariners, I'd be able to root for baseball history to be made. But that's just what I'd like to believe. I'd probably actually hope that Willie Bloomquist or Jose Vidro would hit a HR.
  • Fans of...other teams: Look. There's no Sox fan that isn't aware that Curt should keep his mouth shut a little more often. But if his biggest crime is having been a Dubya-supporter and being too talkative, then I really can't understand the venom that I've seen from some opposing teams' blogs, whose names I won't mention. If you want to root against a no-hitter from someone like Brett Myers, or heck, hope that Julio Lugo is a single from the cycle, only to have your pitcher either IBB him or throw one at his back, I don't have a problem with that. There were people not rooting neccessarily for their team to win, just wanted Curt to lose the no-hitter.