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Game Story: The "Slide" Has Begun. (It hasn't.)

Image thanks to Yahoo!

The Starter:

Wake looked like the good Wake for the most part, giving the Sox 6 2/3 IP of 3-run ball, while striking out 8. He ended up the hard luck loser.

The 'Pen:

The Oak was able to hold the A's at 3 over 1 1/3 scoreless IP out of the pen.

The Lineup:

Or maybe that should read "The Culprits". Belli had two singles, bringing his average up to a robust .208. Manny walked, and had a double and a single. Youks tripled to knock in the first of two Sox runs. WMP put up a couple good ABs, getting himself a single and an RBI groundout in the process. Papi probably deserved a better fate, but still did okay. Everyone else? Extra time with Magadan over the next few days.

The Field:

Another day, another great catch from Coco.

Co-winners: Youkilis and Tito. It was a pretty good tirade, even if overshadowed by some better ones of late. Also, great job of getting in-between Papi and Iassogna to prevent any possible ejection or suspension there.

Iassogna. It feels bush league to blame a loss on an umpire, so I won't, but he did a pretty horrid job last night. The strike zone was anyone's guess, on both sides, and the Ellis non-call and the Papi call stick out on his resume.

Up Next:

Schilling tries to avoid the sweep against over/under-rated Joe Blanton.