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I felt like I was the only one watching.

There are many reasons we can point to for the loss last night. Papelbon not wasting a pitch, after going 0-2 to A-Rod with 2 outs in the 9th. The fall of the mighty Oak in the 8th inning. Abreu making a good (but extremely awkward) catch on a hit by Pedroia.

All of these things have been explored ad nauseum. Also, Posada's "block" of the plate against Julio Lugo has been celebrated as a key play. I'm here to tell you. It was a good block, and a good relay, but that's not why Lugo was out.

He slid too early.

I'm serious. It was a good slide, and it appeared as though he was blocked at full speed. But on the replay (I can't remember if dumb and dumber mentioned it on the ESPN telecast), it seemed clear that his slide came up short. Had he waited a split second longer, we might've been talking about a HR from A-Rod that tied the game rather than won it.

The Starter:

Beckett was pretty much the definition of a decent, gutsy performance last night. 4 ER in 6 1/3 isn't exactly ideal, but he pitched well enough to win.

The Pen:

Brendan Donnelly did his job. Okajima, Lopez, and Paps did not. Probably the hardest bullpen performance of the year to watch.

The Lineup:

DP is money, baby. 2 2Bs, and missed out on a 3rd on the aforementioned misplay-then-recovery by Abreu. Everyone had a hit, and our much-maligned leadoff hitter actually reached base 3 times out of 5.

The Field:

A "key" error from Lowell, to go along with the DP he started by making a nice play on a somewhat tough hop.

DP, who did everything in his power to ensure a Red Sox win.

Collectively: The non-Donnelly 'pen. Not a good performance on any level.

Up Next:

Tavarez opens up a 4-game set with the A's in Oakland, against the Cy Young Award winner of the first third of the season, Dan Haren. Haren has an ERA+ of 262, and a 0.887 WHIP.