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Game Story: Official Game Story to Follow.

Before I get to the nuts and bolts, let's get a few things out of the way.

  1. If DP doesn't continue to hit 2nd when Youks is subbing for Drew in the 5-hole, I'll probably cut someone. I'm not picky about the target.
  2. Two Lowell plays that could/did result in injuries. My take on the Cano play: Legal but over-the-top, though there's certainly a difference between a Lowell or a Jeter doing that vs. an A-Rod, if only in terms of media and fan interpretation. Doug Malphabet: godspeed in your recovery. A clean but still extremely unfortunate play.
  3. To NG, playing Devil's Advocate re: Francona. I think Tito has done a good job this season, and but for one complaint, I thought he did a good job on Friday. The Sox were down, and the sequence of relievers brought in I had no problem with. Had he brought Snydes in a bit earlier, I wouldn't have been displeased, because Wake was clearly off. However:
    It is the job of a manager to look at the LT, and not just at one game. If the Sox are down, and the Everybody Wang Chung Tonight is getting DPs despite not having his best stuff...well, it's Tito's job to not only give the Sox at shot at winning that night, but also to NOT hamstring them the following night. Could he have brought the Ok-a-doke, Paps, and the (to me) still-scary Donnelly in to Game 1, and early? Perhaps. But where would that have left us in the 7th/8th innings tonight? Long-term. Big picture.
  4. NG, I say that not to discourage you, quite the opposite. I have an issue sometimes with the way games are managed against the MFYs this season as well. Had another 4th place team (say if the Orioles or D-Rays were in town, a couple years ago) been up by a run in the latter (but not late) innings, would Francona have put the Oak in to finish off the 7th? I'm not so sure. The MFYs are so often beating themselves this season, that I'm more worried about having the momentum, so to speak, against teams like the Angels, Indians, Tigers, A's, and Twins in the AL.
  5. Also: Anyone know the story about why the umpires went out to talk to Mussina early in the game? It was a breaking ball that missed its spot. ...that's it.