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News Around The Baseball Community-At-Large.

Frank Thomas hits 500th HR.

  • And good for him. I'm wondering, though, whether this will have the same cachet it used to have. Lots of hitters on the verge of 500, and MANY in the game well on their way.
  • I love the quote in this article. "It means a lot to me because I did it the right way. I could care less what others have done."-Frank Thomas.
    I think it's safe to say that The Big Hurt won't have a problem if The Big Commish doesn't go see The Big Head hit no. 756.
Astros now able to use a good 2B. Also, Biggio hits no. 3000.
  • I kid. Well. Sort of. Biggio has led off in 60 of 63 starts this season, and is "getting on base" at a .278 clip. It's not quite Lugo-esque, but it's still pretty awful. Also, Francona had the sense to hit his .OBP-less leadoff hitter further down in the order.
  • After my inappropriate-at-this-time criticism, I have to say that Biggio was one of my favorite players as I was growing up. A guy who in his career, caught, played centerfield, played second base. Ran pretty well (77% career success rate on SBs, and yes, I'm aware the magic number for being worth it to your team is 80%), good pop, especially for the positions he played, and until age 36, was an EXCELLENT choice as a leadoff hitter. He's going to the Hall, and he deserves it.
  • I write this next part realizing the cliches inherent: He was a grinder, a dirt dog, and would have been beloved for his style of play for any team, and the fans in Houston were lucky to have him for his entire career, even if the last few seasons haven't been too pretty.
You can still have a say in a pointless exercise.
  • Actually, we did this whole All-Star ballot thing a little while ago (Side note: On my last few ballots, I realized my error and changed my 2B vote to Brian Roberts.)
  • I'm kind of hoping that Youks is on the "Final Man" ballot, because I think the players may end up choosing Casey Kotchman (and he deserves it). Then, of course, if the players and Jim Leyland fail to recognize James Shields, Carlos Pena becomes an easy choice as the Devil Rays rep. That makes 2 1B plus Papi, and I doubt they carry a 4th by choice. Someone please correct me if they've done that before.
  • Anyone have any guesses as to the Royals rep this season? John Buck or Gil Meche? Someone else?
  • Nationals, same question. Dmitri Young? Since he's the only one you can make an argument for, and Washington has to be represented, then he's going. Not for any of the reasons John Donovan spits out in this article. He mentions "well-placed votes" in reference to Young.
  • The Pirates actually have two deserving players, neither of which are Jason Bay or Jose Bautista. It's these two.
That's all for now. The Red Sox probably play some team in baseball tomorrow. More importantly, we're trying to start a new game. Help us come up with a title. One submission at the time that I write this. Do you want reversecursing to get a head start?