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Gentlemen. I have some news for you...

Rock beats scissors; Daisuke beats MDC. pitcher is that good. No pitcher can win a game when the offense scores no runs. At least they got him off the hook for the loss, but the rest of it was just ridiculous, especially considering:

  • The table-setters (Coco + Pedroia) reached base 5 times out of 10 PAs, and one of the outs made was a SF from Crisp for our only run.
  • Papi-Manny-Youks: 0 for 14, BB. Extra BP gentlemen. Should probably bring 'Tek with you. Not sure anything short of an exorcism would help Lugo at this point.
  • Daisuke: ...may I just say, in your not native tongue, gracias. In a game that was overall a steaming truckload of deer vomit, you were the surprisingly hot woman driving the truck. Keep it going. I've seen this team score enough runs to win games; it might have even been recently.
  • Paps: Super-ridiculous. 5 outs on 17 pitches, 2 Ks.
Daisuke. 8 IP, 1 "E"R, 3 H, BB, 8 K.

Awfully tempting to put Pineiro here, but we had enough baserunners that we failed to bring across that I've gotta blame the meat of the order: Papi-Manny-Youks. You're better than this.

Up next: Stay tuned for an announcement about a new feature on OTM. Or don't. Just in case I got your hopes up for no reason just now.