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Carl Edwards to drive Sox Car

Source: ProJo

Roush Fenway racer Carl Edwards will be showing off his new Red Sox car this weekend in New Hampshire:

Edwards will be driving a baseball-themed car in honor of his visit to New England. The Ford will sport several Boston Red Sox team logos and red stitches like a baseball.

The promotion is the first for Roush Fenway Racing since the owners of the Red Sox invested in NASCAR.

The car was on dispaly at Fenway Park on Thursday morning.

"It's our intention to be the Northeast's NASCAR team," owner Jack Roush said. "There's some pressure to perform in front of the home crowd. Everybody will be at their very best."

I'm not a big NASCAR fan by any means, but this certainly peeks my interest in the sport. If this is what Jack Roush and NASCAR wanted, then they're doing a good job. I'm not expecting all Red Sox fans to watch NASCAR every Sunday, but the cross-promotion will certainly work for both teams.