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So. Umm. Yeah? That winning stuff...?

...would be nice.

Actually, I'm not too pissed off after tonight's game. Lowell hit a frickin triple, and his baserunning should always remind you that that's about as impossible as Mirabelli scoring from 3rd on anything but a HR. (Of course, that's because Mirabelli never reaches 3rd base...or 1st, for the matter.)

Yes, I know it was a high bounce over Ichiro (slight misplay off the wall? It is his home park after all.). But still. He's slow. The point is, you have to enjoy those moments, especially in a game that Kason Gabbard tried to give away from the beginning.

Rotoworld was pretty clutch with their assessment of the Gabbard selection: If there's anything the M's do, it's crushing lefties (.822 team OPS from RHHs) all over the place. They have two LHHs in their regular lineup, and Ibanez wasn't playing. And it's not like they knew this when they announced the callup, but the lineup we featured tonight is probably the best possible combination defensively (Cora over Lugo; Hinske over Manny), despite Cora's throwing error. A pitch-to-contact pitcher like David Pauley might've been the right choice here.

This is by no means a writing off of Gabbard. He earned the spot with a good effort against the Braves earlier in the season, and he pitched well in Pawtucket. But there were a lot of factors that (easy enough in retrospect) made him the questionable decision.

Nice to see Eric Hinske have a good day at the plate. Coco scored all 3 times he reached. Lugo had a good game, insofar that he came in as a PR and took a base, getting no PAs.

Interesting time for Pineiro to be unavailable with a rolled ankle. ...that's all I'll say about that one.

Up next: Daisuke (hopefully) shows us why he's the only one of three Boston starters in Seattle likely to be holding the same job next season.

Hinske. I was beginning to wonder when he might get another start. He did and took advantage.

I'm almost tempted to hand this one to Tito, but given Gabbard's lack of innings, I'm not sure he had a choice but to give Lopez some time on the mound this evening, despite him allowing a .300/.396/.447 line in his career against RHHs. Given those numbers, I still have more confidence in him than in Timlin. So, I must give it to Gabbard. who allowed 13 baserunners in 3 1/3.