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Sox Scoop: Lugo sitting more, Buehrle out of sights, Pinerio hurt

  • Terry Francona said he's going to sit Julio Lugo more in favor of Alex Cora.
    "He's having such a tough time. I'm trying to do what's right," manager Terry Francona said before last night's game. "I've got to tell you, that's not the decision all the time - short term, long term, middle term. Alex Cora got to play a little bit for (Dustin) Pedroia earlier in the season when Pedroia was struggling. Now Lugo's having a tough time. I guess when you look at it, it's a good thing we have Cora when things like this do happen."

    I don't think I've ever seen a Sox hitter do any worse than Lugo has through the first three months of a season. What's going to happen to him? Is he going to lose his starting job for good? I really think that's a possibility at this point. The Sox could go with Cora for the rest of the season or see what they could get in the trade market. I have a hard time believing that Lugo can't bounce back, though. He's hitting horribly, but everyone has to get hot at some point.

  • Joel Pineiro has been unavailable the last two nights against his former team because he rolled his ankle after stepping on Eric Hinske in pre-game workouts. I'm sure he was just 'working out,' too. Can anyone else see Pineiro flat-tiring Hinske for fun? If this is serious, it'll go down as one of those "You're Dumb for Getting Hurt" moments.
  • Apparently the Red Sox are out of the Mark Buehrle race. Kind of funny how all this works out. Because just a couple of days ago the Red Sox were willing to give a 5-year extension for Buehrle. And now, today, the Sox are out of it. I think Allen was right: smells fishy.
  • The Sox lost. I figured the chances were really against us with Felix Hernandez on the mound, but now we've lost the series because Jeff Weaver was able to defeat us. Let's walk away from Seattle with our heads held a little high against a young Mariners rookie.