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Game Review: Red Sox @ Padres 6/23/07

Red Sox @ Padres 6/23/07; graph provided courtesy of

The Starter:
Wake went 5.1 innings, striking out 4 and walking none. Unfortunately, he also gave up 6 ER, 2 of which were on a debatable HR by Josh Bard that resulted in our skipper getting tossed from the game.

Chris Young struck out 11 Red Sox in 7 innings of work, walking only 2, for the well-deserved win.

The 'Pen:
Timlin gave up two hits in 1.2 innings and Snyder gave up one hit in an inning of work. Neither reliever allowed a run in a commendable job, but it was for naught last night.

The Lineup:
Mike Lowell doubled in farmhand Dave Murphy, who came into the game as a replacement, for the Sox' only run.

The Field:
No shenanigans to report.