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Ellsbury, Buchholz to be in Futures Game

Thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury's and Clay Buchholz's great seasons and amazing potential that they posses, they're invited to be in San Francisco for the 2007 XM All-Star's Futures Game.

Great news for the youngsters. Ellsbury has slipped a little bit this past week (his average is down to .279), but Buchholz continues to shine. Buchholz went five innings, gave up six hits, allowed no runs, one walk, and struck out 6 in a victory last night. Buchholz is 5-2 for the Sea Dogs this season.

Speaking of the minors, I'll be in Manchester, N.H. on Monday to see the Sea Dogs visit the Fisher Cats. I believe Michael Bowden is due to start. I'll be sure to have pictures of that and a game report.