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Game Story: MFYs beat us. Proctor once again (presumably) makes his own M.F. rest.

The Starter:

Crap. I'm not even going to recap this. Wake didn't have it. Moving on.

The 'Pen:

Sequence: Crap. Surprising 2 1/3 scoreless from Romero, in what will probably be a futile effort to save his job. Pineiro. Lopez.. ...meh.

The Lineup:

With 4 singles, Manny made his BA look less like crap. Youk extended his hitting streak, and aided Proctor's aforementioned effort. DP with 3 hits including 2 2Bs. I hope Yankee fans continue to disrespect him (I saw him lumped in with 'Belli over at Pinstripe Alley), and he continues to hit like this.

The Field:

Mixed bag here. Two PBs from Mirabelli, Youk's first error since last summer. Excellent play by Manny to get A-Rod at 2B, and a CS that shouldn't have been.

Winner:...umm, suggestions? I'll go with DP, who put in a good performance on both sides of the ball, while most of his non-Manny teammates lacked on one or the other.

Three winners.

  1. Wake, whose knuckler wouldn't have confused a rotting corpse at the plate.
  2. Me. Didn't get an e-mail from Randy saying he'd be out of town until tonight, so was unable to put an OT up. Thanks to sdkramer for doing so.
  3. This comment to a possible Lowell wrist injury, and it's not like Mike is right on the plate like Youks. If Wang was out there trying to defend a Yankee who got hit by a 98 MPH FB from Beckett, then I could understand your f**king point. Otherwise, it's just ridiculous. The day that a guy like Josh Phelps could be injured by a sub-65 MPH offering from Tim Wakefield, is the day I turn in my Sox cap and just go live in the woods somewhere. I don't think either was intentional, so jumping on the incident with enthusiasm is pretty classless. But that's just one Mendoza-winner's opinion.