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Chipper says Schilling Could be Hurt

Braves' Chipper Jones said last night he thinks Curt Schilling may be hurt because Jones has never seen him pitch so poorly. Schilling didn't deny it completely, either.

Jones said Schilling, who departed after giving up a three-run home run to catcher Brian McCann, had less velocity than the scouting reports led the Braves to expect. It's no secret, of course, that Schilling doesn't have the fastball of his youth, but in his dotage he had shown the capacity to summon it when most needed.

"The fastball that I saw register the highest was 89, and that was with the bases loaded," Jones said. "Schill always had that innate ability to catch another gear when he needs it, and for me to only see 89 miles an hour tells me, you know, he might be hurt. I don't know."

Schilling didn't explicitly dismiss that suggestion. Asked about his health, he said, "Like I said, it's not any one thing. I struggled, at least the last two starts, it's terrible. I'm better than that. It's frustrating."

Boston Globe

An injury would certainly explain how poorly Schilling has pitched in his last two outings. Could it be a leg thing? Maybe his hamstring is acting up? Schilling gets all his power from his legs, so maybe that's why his fastball was lower than normal last night.

I'm sure we'll get more answers once Schilling posts on his blog, 38 Pitches.

[editor's note, by Randy Booth] Extra Bases is reporting via WEEI that Schilling was sent back to Boston today for a precautionary MRI.