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Game Story: Sweeping up for Dad.

Image from Yahoo!

The Starter:

Wake wasn't really on his game today, allowing 5 ER over 5 2/3, and allowing a HR to the nicest guy named Barry Lamar Bonds in all of sports.

The 'Pen:

MDC and J-Lo? Meh, at best. Pineiro and Okajima, however, combined for 2 2/3 excellent innings out of the pen to finish it off.

The Lineup:

WMP + Lugo = teh suck, but everyone else had a pretty good day at the plate, all said and done. Manny's first AB was poor, as Morris had already shown very spotty control. 1-2 punch Drew and DP reached base 5 times out of 10 total PAs. Papi hit 2 2B, while Youks drove in two.

The Field:

Passed ball from Belli', and a well-turned DP on Bengie Molina to keep the score intact in the 7th.

Joel Pineiro, whose GB tendencies allowed the Sox to keep a comfortable cushion in the 7th.

Gotta give this one to Lugo, for his 0-fer and embarassing pop-up bunt.