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Game Story: Dustin Pedroia laughs in the face of doomsayers, small(er) children, and the SF Giants.

Source: Yahoo!

The Starter:

Heck if Batshit isn't making it easy for the Sox to give Jon Lester all the time in the world to get healthy/lock down his control in Pawtucket. 7 IP, 8 baserunners, and 3 Ks.

The 'Pen:

The Oak and Jo-El each contributed a scoreless inning.

The Lineup:

...strange night. DP and Drew came up big, and Crisp-Lugo combined for 3 BBs, 1 H, 4 R and 2 SBs. Everyone else...? Hello?

The Field:

No errors. (If there were bonehead plays that should have been ruled as such, let us know). Also, a 4-6-3 DP.

Pedroia, who put in a big game (with noted support from Drewlicious) to give the Sox the 10-2 win over the Giants.

Two winners.
  • David Ortiz. I sincerely hope this is the last time he's ever thought of as the winner, but arguing balls and strikes at any point is silly, and becomes super-ridiculous when done in the 1st inning. For all he knew, we might've needed his bat (with good history against Zito), and he only gave us one PA.
  • Anyone who might've seen Dave Roberts after the game and didn't offer to buy him a beer...or a statue. Shame on thee.