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Rox-Sox Game 2: Forecast? Fogg.

Lineups, via extra bases.


  1. Taveras, CF.
  2. Matsui, 2B.
  3. Holliday, LF.
  4. Helton, 1B.
  5. Atkins, 3B.
  6. Hawpe, RF.
  7. Spilborghs, DH.
  8. Torrealba, C.
  9. Tulo(witzki), SS.
  1. Crisp, CF.
  2. Youks, 1B.
  3. Papi, DH.
  4. "Being", LF
  5. Drew, RF
  6. Lowell, 3B.
  7. 'Tek, C.
  8. Cora, 2B.
  9. Lugo, SS.
  • Don't jump the gun, Pedroia-ites. Fogg's overwhelming struggles against LHHs and Cora's decent history (5/9) make this a good day to give him a start. Sure, might've been nice to see him take Lugo's spot instead...
  • I also wouldn't have minded a day off for Lowell here, sliding Youk to 3B and giving Hinske (LHH) a start at 1B. My ideal lineup for day, just as long as no one was curious?

  1. DP, 2B
  2. Youks, 1B
  3. Papi, DH
  4. Manny, LF
  5. Drew, RF
  6. Tek, C
  7. Hinske, 1B
  8. Crisp, CF
  9. Cora, SS

  • Schill is 11-5 with a 4.31 ERA against the Rockies in his career. However, most of these starts came back when he was in the NL (specifically AZ, thanks unbalanced schedules!), and I don't know if Tulowitzki or Taveras had even been born yet back then...
  • Check out Batshit's method of dealing with blisters. anyone surprised by this. Um. At all?