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Game review: 6/12/07 Rockies @ Red Sox

6/12/07 Rockies @ Red Sox; Graph of the game provided by

The Starter
Wakefield pitched 8 innings, fanning 3 and walking 1. He gave up only 4 hits and allowed just one run. Excellent job from our knuckleballer. As a point of interest, none of the Rockies, save Helton, had ever seen Wake's knuckler before.

As a tip o' the cap to Purple Row, Aaron Cook did a fine job and had lots of movement on his pitches last night.

The Pen
Papelbon's heater was as good as we've seen this season. He hit 98 once on the 'gun, and 97 several times. When Paps needed to spot his pitch, he dialed it down to a "mere" 95 mph.

The Lineup
Thank you, Tito, for shuffling the lineup. I like Scrappy Doo, Dustin Pedroia, at the top of the lineup. Nevertheless, the Sox couldn't string the hits together, scoring only 2 runs on 8 hits. Big Papi went 3-3 with a walk, including a key double in the 8th inning. Lugo stole another bag.

No errors, and I didn't see anything exciting. Coco might have made a nice catch (I saw a nice replay), but I missed it during the game.

In other news:
In case you missed it, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers threw a /no-no/ at the ripe old age of 23 last night. The kid throws 100 mph and has nasty breaking stuff. Hot damn!