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Gordon Edes Brings Us Good News.

Read this everyone, and weep your tears of joy now, so they won't be blurry for the game.

My imaginary lineup: (which no doubt won't be the lineup for tonight's game)

  1. DP
  2. Youks
  3. Papi
  4. "Being"
  5. Drew
  6. Lowell
  7. Crisp
  8. Belli'
  9. Lugo
The only thing that concerns me is the utter futility of the bottom three, no matter how you shuffle 'em. (Especially since only Crisp and Belli could potentially be shuffled)

(I've been on record as saying that I think Lugo is taking a good approach to his ABs, and the endings have simply been horrid. His BABIP this season is .233. It's .317 lifetime. He's been unlucky, and I still think he'll turn it around, but it is time to give Papi/Manny/Drew some better RBI opportunities until he does.)