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Game Story: No one owns Beckett.

First, an apology. I've been busy the last few days, most notably buying a new car AND working at a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. I promise that I'll be much better with posting, until someone pisses me off.

The Starter:

Beckett earned every bit of his Major League-leading 7th win. Concern early on, though, as it looked like the thorn-in-the-Sox's-side Blue Jays were going to do what they always do to us. Thankfully, Beckett settled down quite nicely, and Victor Zambrano did what he does.

The 'Pen:

Hansack was rough in his first ML outing for the 2007 season. It could be chalked up to nerves and rust. The only answer to that will come in his next appearance. Romero came in and recorded a K on 4 pitches, and Kyle Snyder pitched an uneventful 9th to lower his ERA to an even 2.

The Lineup:

DP with two hits, including a 3-R HR, Mike Lowell with a 3-R blast, and Jason Varitek reached based in all 5 appearances, hitting a HR of his own. Would love to see him go on a prolonged hot streak, just so that his inevitable swoon in August/September will produce headlines like: 'Tek feels the heat, but has shown he's not quite done yet., rather than Tek burnt to a...make him retire.

A bit of sobering news, as Kevin Youkilis went 3 for 3 but was hit by a pitch in the knee. A note to Youks: You're probably not going to catch Craig Biggio, so stop trying.

The Field:

I didn't get to see a whole lot of this one, so if anyone saw a great play aside from the DP-DP, let me know so it can be credited.

So many offensive contributions, but I'm going to go with Beckett. 7 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, and 5 K got the job done for the Sox.


I plan on going back and doing retro-Muellers and Mendozas as needed for the Twins' series sometime tomorrow. Also, as I searched for the Plunk Biggio website, I came across this list. Many familiar names, but check out who's tied for 96th. And he's done it while mostly a RP. Tip o' the cap to Julian Tavarez. Keep on plunkin' baby.