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Game Thread: Prize Fight: Wells v. Matsuzaka.

Starters: They're cousins...identical cousins. Well, by a few stats they are, almost.

Daisuke Matsuzaka (3-2, 5.45 ERA) @ Tomo Ohka (2-3, 5.50 ERA)

Sox Lineup:

Lugo, ss
Crisp, cf
Papi, dh
Manny, lf
Drew, rf
Lowell, 3b
'Tek, c
Hinske, 1b
DP, 2b

Jays Lineup:

Rios, rf
Lind, lf
Wells, cf
Thomas, dh
Glaus, 3b
Overbay, 1b
Hill, 2b
Fasano, c
McDonald, ss


  • Let's hope Daisuke can rein in his control problems of the one-inning duration. The Jays actually have only a .393 OPS against him (one start, of course), being the only team he's faced to not record an XBH off of him.
  • Lowell has the best numbers against Ohka, 13 for 39 with 3 HRs. Papi is 2 for 9 with a HR. Don't be surprised if WMP (only 3 for 14, but 2 HRs) sees a PH appearance if the Sox don't score early in the game. All of our other players' numbers are either far too depressing for a pitcher of Ohka's calibre, or are extremely small samples.
  • I'm off to my sister's Confirmation. Hold down the fort.