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Over The Monster contest: Win a free pair of Red Sox shoes!

Attention Over The Monster readers: Boy, do I have a deal for you.

Let's do a little contest. A Red Sox contest, of course. And if you are the winner of this contest, then you will win this:

Not bad, huh?

Let's get on to it:


It's simple: send me an e-mail ( with your prediction of what Daisuke Matsuzaka will have for an ERA at the end of May. If you are right, you win the shoes. If you aren't right, but you are the closest, you win the shoes. The deadline for entries is May 13th. MAY 13th!

Take a stab at it. It's worth it. This is no joke, either. Real Reebok Red Sox shoes in whatever size your big toes need.

Get to it!