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Open Thread: 5/6/07 in the Land of a Ponson Lakes.

Ponson v. Schilling. Mismatch in our favor. Thus, obviously, it'll be a close game anyway. Sox up 1-0 on a JD Drew RBI 2B. Papi thrown out at home on the play.

Strange lineup for the Sox, presumably giving Manny's knees some turf rest:

Crisp, cf
Cora, ss
Papi, dh
Youks, 1b
Drew, rf
Lowell, 3b
Tek, c
Hinske, lf
Pedroia, 2b

The Twins:

Castillo, 2b
Tyner, rf
Hunter, cf
Morneau, 1b
Cirillo, dh
Kubel, lf
Redmond, c
Rodriguez, 3b
Bartlett, ss