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Open Thread: 5/31/07 - PawSox vs. Clippers

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No Sox action tonight so NESN is airing tonight's game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Columbus Clippers. If you've got nothing to do, then I suggest catching a piece of this game. You'll see a lot of the stars of tomorrow playing in tonight's game.

Pawtucket Red Sox
Abe Alvarez, LHP
3-3, 4.89 ERA, .270 BAA

Columbus Clippers
Felix Diaz, RHP
3-4, 6.52 ERA, .292 BAA

Ellsbury, CF (OTM's #1 Red Sox prospect)
McEwing, 2B
Murphy, LF
Moss, RF (dirtdog who is having a bounce-back season)
Tucker, DH
Scales, 1B
Rogers, SS
Cash, C
Spann, 3B

Watson, CF (riding 27-game hitting streak)
Castro, 2B
McDonald, RF
Casto, LF
Jimenez, 3B
Restovich, DH
Abernathy, 1B
Harper, C
Alexander, SS