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Runelvys Runs Out

Looks like Runelvys Hernandez is walking out on the Sox:

I just ran into Hernandez as he was pulling out of the parking lot at McCoy Field and he informed me that he has an out in his contract that goes into effect tomorrow and he is planning on taking it. He said that, with all the prospects in the minor league system for the Red Sox, he didn't think this was the best opportunity for him. He also said he's mulling some offers from other teams.

-Amalie Benjamin, The Globe

I'm not really hurt by this move. Sure, I really like starting pitching depth, but Jon Lester is almost ready and Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden are waiting in the wings in Portland. Not to mention Kason Gabbard, David Pauley, Devern Hansack and a long list of other capable starters.