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Game Story: Casey Blake is...out?

The Starter:

Schilling pitched his best game all season, striking out 10 in 7 IP while allowing one earned run. The commenters at Lets Go Tribe felt like he was getting a generous strike zone. Anyone able to confirm or deny this?

The 'Pen:

Not their best day out, but they got the job done. Romero sucked something fierce, while Lopez and Donnelly were able to (mostly) bail him out. Papelbon ran into trouble, but still struck out batters and got his 13th save.

The Lineup:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kevin Youkilis show. The man does everything, including freak inside-the-park HRs. Manny also hit one that...barely cleared the Monster. :) DP went 3 for 3 with a BB. J.D. Drew contributed an RBI 2B as well as reaching base twice via walks.

The Field:

A near triple-play. Also, not sure if Lugo knew that the force out was not in effect on Jhonny Peralta's SB...

Gotta go with Schilling here. Gave us a big game, earned the win, and shut some people up, at least until his next start...

Me and Randy, for somehow coming up with two different stat lines for Cliff Lee vs. the Sox. Which one is incorrect? I leave this decision up to you.