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I, or Randy, or SoxDevil, will no doubt recap tonight's game and last's sometime before tomorrow afternoon. I have a couple other things I want to make some extended comments on first, barely-related to the Sox. Bear with me.

In case you missed it, and if you watched either ESPN tonight, you didn't, Roger Clemens pitched tonight for the Trenton Thunder vs. the Portland Sea Dogs. He threw 102 pitches for 5 1/3 IP. 6 hits, 4 walks, 5 Ks. Every so often, he'd throw a pitch that made him look like Clemens, but his FB was probably not where it needs to be to set up his other pitches.

There was some chatter on ESPN and ESPN2 on whether he might've been "working on some things". I didn't really see that at all. I think he was trying to pitch competitively, pitch well enough to win, and against a poor-hitting AA team, he did, though he didn't actually get that win. The Sea Dogs top non-Ellsbury hitter (who is of course, in AAA), is Jed Lowrie with a .798 OPS, .403 of that is tied up in OBP.

Before the game, it was speculated that Clemens might pitch against the Blue Jays 5 or 6 days from today.

Apparently Brian Cashman, as well as Roger Clemens, said that the statistics weren't important, it was more about how Clemens felt. Whether he felt well or not, the smart move for the Yankees is for Cashman to pull the GM card.

I guess the point here is, if Iggy Suarez, who would actually be lucky to be called the next Miguel Cairo, can get a 3B and a BB off of Clemens, what exactly is Vernon Wells going to do? Troy Glaus? Rios?

From the completely idiotic, only NYY v. BOS games matter mindset, they probably should go ahead and bring him up, so he can have a warmup against ML hitters before coming into a real game.

I look forward, if it happens, to a statement over the next day or so from Clemens about "feeling ready regardless of the numbers".

Anyway, here's hoping he does feel ready to pitch BP for the Jays next week.