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Game Story: Sox get Wang Chunged.

The Starter:

Wake simply didn't have it last night, 5 IP, 6 ER, 9 H, 5 BB and 2 HR. The Yankees wreaked havoc on the basepaths against he and Dougie as well.

The 'Pen:

Given the cast of characters, I'd say they did pretty well. Romero did walk 3, but miraculously escaped without doing any damage. Manny Delcarmen threw a scoreless inning in his first big-league appearance this season. Joel Pineiro, in my opinon, showed what he can do as a reliever if he can gain any consistency. The fly ball off the bat of Damon was a little worrisome, but on further analysis, was just a high fly, and only a concern in Yankee Stadium. He then...may or may not have retaliated for Alex Cora by hitting Derek Jeter. Afterwards, he got two very weak ground ball outs.

The Lineup:

Just didn't cash in on opportunities. 14 baserunners, 2 runs. 2 bases loaded situations with nothing to show for it. Papi and Youks both had good nights, and Coco showed some plate discipline.

The Field:

A great catch by "Being" of all people. An unorthodox 4-5-3 DP turned in by Cora, Lowell, and Youk.

Not sure he's going to get many of these, and I don't want to start a trend with the reason I'm giving this award to him, but I'll give it to Jo-el today. An efficient 13-pitch 8th inning, 1 flyout and 2 groundouts. And certainly backed up his teammate Cora. There's a number of reasons why this pick does and should look bad, but it's the MFYs everyone. And I haven't seen him acknowledged much anywhere with this little incident.

Wake, who pitched poorly, didn't adjust, and seemed slower than usual to the plate, allowing 4 Yankee SBs.