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More Rumors

More rumors courtesy of the Boston Globe...

Would the Red Sox be tempted to make a Josh Beckett-type deal for Rich Harden, trading at least two very good prospects and perhaps someone on the current roster?

The Sox would have to be willing to give up one of their prime pitching prospects: Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden. There also would have to be a pretty good positional player involved; you can bet it won't be Jacoby Ellsbury, but perhaps David Murphy, Brandon Moss, or even one of their major league outfielders, Coco Crisp or Wily Mo Pena.

-the Boston Globe

Of course, Harden gets hurt more often than Evel Knievel. Would you trade for him? What would you be willing to give up? I don't think the Globe's proposed deal gets it done.

Personally, I don't know as though I'd pursue that trade. We have Lester getting healthy & raring to go, and we're stocked with young pitching. I suppose it depends what it would take to get the deal done. I think I would trade Buchholz & Murphy/Moss for Harden, but that's getting $2 back on the dollar. Bowden's young and would hopefully be ready when one of these guys leaves.