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Thoughts before the Rubber.

  • The Mets, though they had their moments, did their job for us today, ensuring themselves a series win against their oppressive big brothers from the Bronx.
  • Kyle Farnsworth pitched the 8th for the Yankees, and his assignment was obviously to keep the game close after the Yankees had brought the game within two. After his performance, I wonder if many Yankee fans would mind if he had a clause in his contract allowing him to leave the team for a few days.
  • I'm going to reiterate, at my own peril, how bad Tim Hudson is at Fenway. 7.92 ERA. 2.16 WHIP in 25 IP. How bad is that WHIP? It's worse than Jose Lima had in the 4 starts the Mets drunkenly gave him last season. I was reminded by Kristi Dosh of the excellent Braves' blog Chop-n-Change that Hudson has been spectacular this season. He has. But if you'll remember, he wasn't exactly a scrub back when he was with the A's either.
  • Had to have been interesting to see Cora at 1B last night. Hopefully all of that shuffling will keep Manny fresh enough to play the game tomorrow, and hopefully Youk, Tek and Drew will benefit from having had the night off.
  • If you didn't get to see Jerry Remy doing air-guitar on NESN the other night, you're in luck, because Ian at Sox and Dawgs (via Allan Wood at Joy of Sox) has the clip. If you haven't seen it, my only warning is this: Do not watch with a full bladder.
  • Gabbard is definitely, no doubt, the man you'll be rooting for tomorrow afternoon. Let's hope he's got more tricks up his sleeve than Hansack did. (Who I'm certainly still rooting for, but hey)