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Game Story: A Tale of Two Cities.

New, comments was like night and day out there...


Game 1: 13-3, Good guys.

The Starter:

Daisuke absolutely cruised through his first 7 innings. The 8th inning was a bit of a bump in the road, look in the Da' Braves thread to find me, DD, and britsoxfan debating the merits of leaving him in that long. After tonight's game, it's clear that I was in the wrong.

The 'Pen:

Snyder finished off the win with a scoreless 9th, and thankfully needed only 11 pitches to do so.

The Lineup:

It was the Mike Lowell show this afternoon, as he had a 4 for 5 day including a grand slam and 5 RBIs. Coco Crisp, KY, and Lugo all had multi-RBI days today as well. Papi went 3 for 3 with a BB.

The Field:

Manny made a great play on a ball off the Monster, threw to 2B, and got the call on Matt Diaz, though he looked safe to me. Coco made an excellent over-the-shoulder catch in CF, while Daisuke continues to impress in the field, with a great jump and tag on a high throw from Lugo.

Has to go to Lowell who had an awesome day at the plate. Hard not to give this to Daisuke even so.

The second game...

Game 2: Braves pummel Sox, 14-0

The Starter:

...not good. Hansack didn't have it today, and his defense didn't help much. He was also hit in the hand by a comebacker to the mound, though X-rays came back negative.

The 'Pen:

...not good. Joel Pineiro, Javier Lopez, and Brendan Donnelly all gave up multiple runs, digging a deeper hole for the Sox to try to get out of. If you want to look at some positives, Pineiro got 5 of 6 outs on the ground. Also, J.C. Romero, who I was championing for mop-up duty in Game 1, gave the Braves a break from scoring in the 8th inning.

The Lineup:

...take a guess. ...not good. Only 3 hits and 1 BB against the Braves. Smoltz had it tonight folks, and gave his team exactly what they needed after Game 1.

The Field:

Two errors, neither of which I saw in the highlights. Someone let me know what positions Hinske and Cora made their errors at? Thanks.

I almost decided to give this to Jeff Kellogg, who as home plate umpire, was able to say "game over" on this mess. However, I think Romero deserves it for keeping the Braves down for one inning.

Not sure where to begin here. Randy perhaps? From the OT:"I really like Brian McCann and I respect the bats of Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones, but the rest of the lineup really isn't too dangerous." Just kidding. Maybe. P.S. Don't fire me. :)