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Game Story: Shame on Me.

I didn't watch, follow on Gameday, or even keep track of the ticker on ESPN during whatever inane thing they might've been broadcasting tonight. I was out. I don't regret it. But still, shame on me.

Tigers @ Red Sox 5/17/07. Graph courtesy of FanGraphs

The Starter:

Yeah. Um. Schill. What can I say? Not your best start buddy. 4 BB. 8 H, all for extra bases. And yet you limited the Tigers to 2 runs in 6 and struck out 6. I just. I don't even have words.

The 'Pen:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 2 saves in 2 opps. for Okajima now. Donnelly struck out two, and Lopez gave us 2/3 scoreless while stranding an inherited runner.

The Lineup:

WMP with 3 BBs. Manny with 3 Ks. Are we sure they didn't switch uniform #'s tonight, just to F with people? Oh yeah. Thanks Eric Hinske.

The Field:

Did something happen on defense tonight? A solid, #1, webgem/top play? Well?

It's nice when these kinds of decisions are made easy. Eric Hinske. You all know why. HT to me for the ol' Mendoza Award reverse jinx.

...seriously Manny. Any day now. Just turn in like a 16 for 21 week with a few BBs so we know you're back. ...c'mon.

Jerry Remy.

Ladies and gentlemen. When the Remy/Orsillo Greatest Hits archives come out in a couple decades, last night is proof enough that the DVD version is worth the extra $15. Trust me.