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Pre-Game Notes: (5/17/07) Game 2

  • According to Rotoworld, Papi is sick and won't play tonight. Drew is still questionable. An OF of WMP-Crisp-Hinske? Don't be surprised is all I'm saying.
  • Apparently Braves' GM John Schuerholz saw my post last night and insisted on making me wrong. Craig Wilson was released today by the Braves. Thus, Thorman seems likely to get the start against Kason Gabbard anyway.
  • Epstein and Francona out to prove me wrong as well. Wake will start Monday in the Bronx. In 91 IP against the Yanks in NY, Tim has a 3.26 ERA. Sunday's starter is up in the air, though this means David Pauley could indeed get a callup anyway.

    Here are tonight's lineups:

    Red Sox

    Crisp cf
    Cora ss
    Youkilis 2b
    Ramirez dh
    Lowell 3b
    Varitek C
    Hinske rf
    Pena lf
    Pedroia 2b


    Granderson cf
    Polanco 2b
    Sheffield dh
    Ordonez rf
    Guillen ss
    Casey 1b
    Thams lf
    Rabelo c
    Inge 3b

  • Sox vs. Chad Durbin

    • Lugo: 1 for 3, SF, HBP
    • Papi (not starting): 2 BBs/6 PAs. No hits.
    • Manny: 1 for 2, HR, 2 BBs
    • 'Tek: 1 for 3, BB
  • Tigs vs. Schill

    • Casey: 6 for 16, 3 2B
    • Polanco: 7 for 24, 2B
    • Ordonez: 2 for 7
    • Monroe: 2 for 6