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Game Story: Tavarez Settles Down

The Starter:

A couple of innings were rough to watch, most notably the 5th, but Tavarez persevered, went two innings more than I thought he would, and those last two happened to be his best of the outing.

The 'Pen:

Textbook. Okajima with a K and a scoreless 8th on 13 pitches, and Papelbon got the save in the 9th, also on 13 pitches, with 2 Ks. If RSN could script the last two innings of a game, it would look very much like this one.

The Lineup:

Youk and "Being" both went 2 for 4 with RBI singles. Lowell and Crisp also singled. Otherwise, it was a pretty poor offensive showing, so we must be grateful today for good pitching.

The Field:

Not too much to mention here, which probably isn't a bad thing.

Julian Tavarez. Really earned his win today, with 7 innings of one-run ball.

Bottom of the lineup, which went 0 for 9 (including WMP) with 3 Ks. I expect Belli to end the season with a batting average around .230-.240, with some extremely long RBI singles and a few homers spread out amongst his starts. I don't think he'll end up disappointing me. Cora had to cool off at some point. So I guess the real object of my wrath should be Eric Hinske?