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Open Thread (5/17/07) Game 1, In Progress

Zach Miner (First start this season) v. Julian Tavarez (Last start this season? Maybe? Anyone?)

Tigers Lineup:

  • Granderson, CF
  • Polanco, 2B
  • Sheffield, DH
  • Ordonez, RF
  • Guillen, SS
  • Rodriguez, C
  • Casey, 1B
  • Monroe, LF
  • Inge, 3B
Sox Lineup:
  • Lugo, SS
  • Crisp, CF
  • Papi, DH
  • Manny, LF
  • Youks, 1B
  • Lowell, 3B
  • Hinske, RF
  • Belli, C
  • Cora, 2B
  • Sorry for the tardiness
  • Zach Miner gets the start for Maroth who could best be described as under the weather.
  • If Drew's back is in fact okay, I would guess the OF will be WMP-Coco-Drew tonight, so keep an eye on that.
  • With Tavarez - Mirabelli, we've got like, a crazy battery of craziness. That'll rear its ugly head for good or bad at some point.