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Open Thread: 5/16/07 vs. Detroit [Rained out]

Time to pick up the slack and take this series behind a couple of victories. It'll be tough as the Sox have our favorite crazy righty, Julian Tavarez, on the mound. For the Tigers it's lefty Mike Maroth.

The game is likely to be rained out but if not, here are your lineups for tonight. Wily Mo Pena earns the start in right. I'm assuming JD Drew is still feeling the effects of crashing into the wall last night.

Terry Francona said today that Josh Beckett will not pitch on Friday. He said someone from Pawtucket will take his place. I'd like to see David Pauley get the start. If not, Kason Gabbard or Devern Hansack would be nice. Runelvys Hernandez is another possibility.

Red Sox:

SS -- Julio Lugo
CF -- Coco Crisp
DH -- David Ortiz
LF -- Manny Ramirez
1B -- Kevin Youkilis
3B -- Mike Lowell
C -- Jason Varitek
RF -- Wily Mo Pena
2B -- Dustin Pedroia


CF -- Curtis Granderson
2B -- Placido Polanco
DH -- Gary Sheffield
RF -- Magglio Ordonez
SS -- Carlos Guillen
C -- Ivan Rodriguez
1B -- Sean Casey
LF -- Craig Monroe
3B -- Brandon Inge