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Game Story: Ahem. Randy. THIS is why we're Red Sox fans!

The Starter:

I can't remember who it was, but he seemed to pitch pretty well. Only six outs in the air, thus 5 Ks and 16 retired on the ground. Only damage was a solo home run from slightly misplaced Tigers' leadoff man Curtis Granderson.

The 'Pen:


The Lineup:

Great performances from everyone not named J.D., or anyone whose middle name isn't "Being" (who still knocked in a run anyway). Lugo's 3-run 3B put the game out of reach the way our starter was pitching. Varitek had two hits and a walk. A few players with the ol' two hits, one run, one RBI line. And I'll take those kinds of performances every time out.

The Field:

An error from Drew, and two nice plays from DP.

Who else? Daisuke.

The media. I was glad to see that little was made here at OTM of Jim Leyland's comments earlier today. The gist of his message (sans swearing) was this: He's a good pitcher and I'm tired of questions about how we're going to handle him. If I weren't a Sox fan, I could see being tired of the "hype" as well.


I bet Sam Perlozzo just kicked his dog. A day after he pulls Guthrie at 91-pitches, Dice-K goes all the way. -Drugs Delaney

To be fair, I'm sure Perlozzo's dog abandoned him at just about the time the fans in Baltimore did yesterday.