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Catching Up: Twins Series, Other things.

  • Friday, May 4th. Sox 2. Twins 0.

    Definitely Wake who gave us 7 innings of high-quality pitching.

  • Saturday, May 5th. Twins 2. Sox 1.

    Julian Tavarez. Despite giving up one more run, he out-pitched Johan Santana, and recognition is a neccessity when you do that.

  • Sunday, May 6th. Sox 4. Twins 3.

    This is a difficult decision. Pedroia had a nice game, and Drew had that 2 run 2B. I'll go with Okajima here, because he came in in a tough spot and despite allowing one inherited runner to score, was able to wriggle out and keep the Sox in the lead.

Other things...
  • I've been getting e-mails from Skip Perham, Marketing and Communications Manager for FSN NE, in regards to their segment called the Friendly's Scoop, with Papelbon. These are all pretty candid interviews with Paps and worth a look. He became the third Sox player to weigh-in this week on the topic of Bonds, and I'm only slightly less disappointed in his stance than I was with Papi's.

    Anyway. Lots of interesting stuff through the interviews, so check them out, even the ones back towards Opening Day. Skip, thanks for sending these, and to everyone here at OTM, I'll make sure to post a link from now on every time there's a new one.

  • SoxDevil was quick to report the rumblings out of Texas about Teixeira, with quick being definitely a good thing here. Anyone else we might acquire for some extra punch in the lineup, or with a look towards the near future in regards to the IF corners? Your ideas in the comments.
  • MLBTR speculates that the Jays should throw in the towel on '07, not just on the news that B.J Ryan is undergoing Tommy John surgery. Who should our division rival ship out, aside from the speculated Glaus?
  • I think I'm all caught up at this point. Sox start a 10-game homestand tomorrow, 3 vs. BAL, 4 vs. DET, and 3 vs. ATL. Look for some fuzzy feelings between Sheffield and the Faithful during the Tigers series. ...10 game homestand. How does 8 sound?