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Top five players on the trading block

According to The Sporting News, these five lucky chumps are the best of the best when it comes to the MLB trading block:

1. RHP Jon Lieber, Phillies
2. RHP Brad Penny, Dodgers
3. 1B Todd Helton, Rockies
4. RHP Scott Linebrink, Padres
5. RHP Armando Benitez, Giants

Interestingly enough at this point, the Red Sox don't need any of these guys. The only person I could see the Sox getting out of these five is Linebrink, but I don't think we necessarily need him.

Lieber and Penny are intriguing options but the Sox won't need them unless Jon Lester gets a setback. Penny is injury-prone but has a gun on him and would be rejoining Josh Beckett. Lieber will never be an amazing pitcher, but he'd be a solid No. five guy.

Benitez? I hope we never have to stoop that low.