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This is how rumors are started

This post has no substance behind it whatsoever, but it does bear consideration.

Rangers consider moving Tex?
Posted: Thursday May 10, 2007 08:36AM ET

It would be a total guess right now, but Mark Teixeira certainly would be a guy the Rangers would have to consider trading. The Rangers would need to get back pitching and a major league ready first baseman or outfielder. For me, the best deal the Rangers could try to make is with Baltimore for Nick Markakis and a pitcher.

-Dallas Morning News
Mark Teixeira rookie baseball card courtesy of

How about the Red Sox? We certainly have a plethora of pitching talent in the minors, as well as a few quad-A outfielders.

Would the Rangers trade Mark Teixeira for Wily Mo/Hinske + Bowden/Buchholz + Edgar Martinez? That seems like a fairly reasonable deal to me. Of course, the Rangers could be greedy and try for Lester, Ellsbury, and Hansen, to which I'd say hell, no.

The sticky part for the Sox would be what to do with Youk & Lowell on the corners. Conceivably, Youk could be a LF/1B/3B super-utility man, clocking in around 400 ABs for 1 year. Lowell's contract is up next year and Youk could take over at 3B.