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The Day After (4/8/07): Red Sox win, 3-2

The Starter:

I wasn't so sure about Curt after the first inning or two, but he settled down and gave us 7 quality innings. Excellent way to bounceback after the Opening Day disaster.

The 'Pen:

What can I say? Jo-el was bad, Javier Lopez actually came very close to getting a DP in the bases-loaded situation. He's certainly doing his best to make the Timlin roster crunch a more difficult decision. Paps was unreal. If you didn't get to see his performance last night, go somewhere where you can watch it.

The Lineup:

Aside from Papi and Drew, everyone could use some work. It IS early, and hopefully the bats warm up as the temperature does. Manny was robbed by the wind a couple of times.

The Field:

Crisp made a great running catch and was able to double up an overzealous Lofton at 1B. Cora failed to cover 1B on a bunt play. Youkilis dropped a catchable line drive.

Co-winners: Papi drove the offense. Paps nailed down a save in an extremely difficult situation. Someone had to K Michael Young, and he was able to make it happen.

Loser: Pineiro. This is what I was talking about the other day, when a guy "does his best to lose" a game. Sure he wasn't trying to, but he came in not throwing strikes right from the get-go. I would have liked to see Donnelly given a chance in that situation.

Quote of the Thread:

He's got a hell of a gameface. He looked like he wanted to eat Michael Young's babies. -tommy