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The Day After (4/7/07): Red Sox lose, 8-4


The Starter:

We all knew going into the season that Julian Tavarez wasn't going to be the best 5th starter in baseball. His debut reassured that fact: 4.0 IP, 4 runs, 5 walks, 6 hits with 3 strikeouts.

The 'Pen:

The pitcher that barely squeaked by into the 25-man roster is the one that's performing the best. Javier Lopez had another strong inning. He gave up one run and a hit. Kyle Snyder and JC Romero combined for 0.1 IP and 4 runs (Snyder had one, Romero had three). Hideki Okajima pitched a perfect 7th inning.

The Lineup:

Leadoff hitter Julio Lugo is starting to show his might after a rough way to start the season. Lugo went 2-for-5 with a run and two RBI. JD Drew replicated Lugo's line for the most part (Lugo had two strikeouts, Drew had none). Drew is batting .368 so far this season.

The Field:

The Sox had only one error, but it was a big one. Drew misfielded a ball in the outfield and Michael Young took full advantage by taking a scenic tour of every base. It was ruled a double and an error.

Winner: Drew. Despite his one error last night, he continues to knock in runs and get on base.

Loser: Tavarez. Which "Hatchet Face" are we going to see? The one at the beginning of the 2006 season or the one at the end?