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Postgame Show: Game 2. Red Sox (7) def. Royals (1)

What went right?

Virtually everything. The bullpen performance was terrific and the offense clicked for seven runs.

What didn't go as right?

Coco and Tek still look a bit lost at the plate. Beckett with a high pitch count pretty early. Rumor has it that the weather prevented his curveball from being an effective pitch.

This will be given to the hero or heroes of the game from here on.

J.D. Drew: The man looks comfortable at the plate. 2 H, R, RBI

The bullpen (Lopez, Snyder, Romero, Pineiro): 4 IP, 1 H, 3 K

This will be given to the anti-hero of the game from here on. The player who lost the game, did the most to lose the game, or tried their best to turn a W into a L.

Coco Crisp: The only Sox regular without a hit to this point (2 games).


I must say, it is nice to end that losing streak in KC. I didn't know if we'd ever get that monkey off of our backs. Beckett, as I hinted at earlier, was neither good nor bad. Effective enough over 5, but we need him to throw more innings. I think he will. Pedroia continues to do his part at the plate, working the count, showing a good eye, though his hit should perhaps have been ruled an error. That's not really his fault though.

Daisuke tonight. Let's hope he affirms the faith that most of us have in him. Let's also hope the offense gives him a cushion to work with early on.