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Daily Dos(e), 4/30/07: Sox Take a Day Off

Leading off:

  • THT's John Brattain ruminates on Papi's HoF chances.
  • Rob Bradford has now set up shop at the Herald (this move was actually rumored awhile ago, and he's been there for a little while, but the new blog has only been up and running for a week or so...translation: we're late). Either way, make sure to change your bookmarks to the Bradford Files.
  • Another player from Japan? Thoughts? One of the commenters refuted Roto's take on Fukudome, who had cited Hideki Matsui as a comp. A plus defender with a rifle arm and gap power? Can anyone think of a better comparison?
The Question:

What's the first thing you would do if you were named the manager (or general manager) of the Yankees?

Think serious answers, like realizing that using the bullpen all in one night is a bad idea. Think answers with a little or a lot less of a serious tone.